Dr. Sam is upgrading the blog site this week- The regular blog returns next week

Dr. Sam is upgrading the blog site this week- The regular blog returns next week

This week, I’m getting the blog site ready so that I can add a new feature. The working title for that feature is Dr. Sam’s Common-Sense/Common Ground Minutes. These will be short hot-topic videos discussing key literacy issues. The regular blog will continue as always, but there will be a special page on the blog to house these short videos. I’m hoping to have the first one ready by next week.

On the topic of the regular blog continuing, I have two important interviews coming up. One is with Laura Robb, Tim Rasinski and David Harrison. It is about their new book, Promote Reading Gains with Differentiated Instruction. The interview is already complete. It will be posted as soon as the book is ready for sale.   

The other upcoming interview will be with Ken Nesbitt. It will be about his wonderful children’s poetry site and the many resources available at the site. So- lots of good things coming up.

By the way, Bruce Hewitt’s proposal for ending the reading wars is generating a lot of interest on SPELLtalk.  If you missed my interview with him last week, here is the LINK. Part of the reason for creating the videos around using common sense to find common ground is aimed at achieving the day when there are no sides.

Until next week, this is Dr. Sam signing off.

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