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Dr. Sam  Bommarito (@doctorsam7)

During his 44 year career in education Dr. Bommarito taught every grade K through graduate school. The majority of his teaching time was in Title 1 buildings both as a reading specialist and staff developer. Dr Bommarito took part in a 4-year program where the Jennings school district trained its teachers in Reading and Writing Workshop. Trainers were cadre and former cadre of Teachers College, and included Isoke Nia and Katie Wood Ray. Dr. Bommarito retired from full time teaching in 2015 but continues to be active in the literacy world. He is Co-Editor of the Missouri Reader, serves on various International Literacy Association boards/committees, is President of the St. Louis ILA and vice president of the Mo. ILA, does volunteer work in literacy and continues to do presentations and write articles about various literacy issues. He has begun collaborating with Dr. William Kerns of Harris Stowe University.  Starting in the fall of 2018,  Dr. Bommarito is returning to teaching on a part time basis. He will be an adjunct reading professor at Webster University teaching various teacher prep courses at the university.  Normally this will be one course each semester.

Opinions expressed on this blog are solely the responsibility of  Dr.  Sam Bommarito and in no way reflect any endorsement of any organizations or individuals


Dr. WIlliam Kerns (@Dr_WilliamKerns)

Dr. Kerns is program coordinator of middle and secondary education at Harris-Stowe State University.

He worked in Central Florida as a high school reading teacher, reading specialist, English teacher, and a curriculum specialist.

He studied at Clemson University where mentors included Linda Gambrell (motivation and engagement in reading),Victoria Gillis (content area reading), and Bea Bailey (curriculum design).

Dr. Kerns is drawn to a Sociocultural/Vygotskian approach to the process of writing (as promoted by Peter Smagorinsky who teachers at University of Georgia)

The opinions expressed in his posts on this blog are solely the responsibility of  Dr.  William Kerns  and in no way reflect the endorsement of any organizations or individuals.




2 thoughts on “About the Blog’s Authors

  1. Patricia Nesbitt

    Dear Dr. Bommarito:

    David Harrison suggested that I should follow your blog. Having read your bio, I wondered if you might give me some advice.

    I am a former elementary language arts teacher (grades 3,4,5) who trained in the summers at Columbia University Teachers College with Lucy Calkins in Writers Workshop. I have used this approach to writing in my own classrooms for many years. I now volunteer in the 4th grade writing program at a local elementary school and am mentoring teachers there as they watch me implement Writers Workshop in class.

    I live in Bowling Green, KY –the home of Western Kentucky University. As I have come into contact with student teachers and first year teachers here, I have learned that they have never heard of Reading and Writing Project, Writers Workshop, Lucy Calkins, Georgia Heard, Ralph Fletcher…and have not been exposed to this pedagogy in their education classes. I would like to change this. Do you have advice for me?

    I have applied to teach at WKU (my master’s degree would allow me to teach undergrad courses). I have sent emails to the dean of education. I have left phone messages for professors in the school of education. I am open to any ideas you might have.

    Patricia Nesbitt

    1. doctorsam7 Post author

      Happy you decided to follow the blog. I would be happy to help. My responses will be much longer than WordPress would accommodate. Please e-mail me at sam.bommarito.2@gmail.com P.S. I have done similar things during my “retirement” (I think I am flunking retirement). I just spent last year pushing into a 4th grade room all year. Can tell you things I learned from that experience. Hoping to hear from you soon. Dr. Sam


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