Our Vision for a Good Literacy Program

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Dr. Sam Bommarito                          Dr. William Kerns

In summary, we recommend the following:

  • Literacy curriculums should emphasize the teaching of literacy in a way that achieves the goal of creating motivated lifelong readers.
  • Both an analytic and synthetic phonics component should be included in any literacy program.
  • The synthetic component should include the direct major letter-sound correspondences, including short and long vowels and digraphs. Instruction should be done in a direct and efficient manner in order to preserve more teaching time for other elements of the literacy program.
  • A meaning making component is critical to any literacy program.
  • A workshop model can be employed to provide the additional differentiated instruction needed by students who fail to thrive using the adopted literacy curriculum.
  • Regular student conferences and ad hoc strategy groups done within the workshop structure are two of the ways the additional differentiated instruction can be provided.