Willy Wood talks about what’s happening at the upcoming Write to Learn Conference: An interview by Dr. Sam Bommarito.

Willie Wood talks about what’s happening at the upcoming Write to Learn Conference: An interview by Dr. Sam Bommarito.

For those looking for a terrific in-person professional development experience, look no further than the Write to Learn Conference being held in Columbia, Mo, on March 2-3 this year. This in-person conference always has a great lineup of speakers and provides plenty of activities to help you network with friends while learning about some great literacy ideas.



Once again, Willy Wood has put together a wonderful program and lined up great speakers for the Write to Learn Conference. Here are the highlights of my interview with Willy Wood about what we can expect at Write to Learn 2023

Here is a link to the conference registration. Register soon, space is limited, and it looks like this conference will be sold out soon. LINK

Dr. Sam’s Future Blogs and appearances-

In January, I will be presenting two sessions at LitCon. I’ll also be doing a Webinar for Pioneer Valley Books about the merits of B.L. and the research supporting B.L. (and there is plenty of that despite claims to the contrary). I have an interview with Eric Litwin in February, and I will do a blog entry around that. In addition, I’ll also have a virtual conference in New York for an ILA group there. In March, I have two conferences in Mo, The Early Childhood Conference at Lake of the Ozarks, Mo, and the Write to Learn Conference in Columbia, Mo. That is the conference that is featured in this blog entry.  So, a lot is going on in the New Year.

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