An overview of the newly released issue of The Missouri Reader: Includes articles by Laura Robb & Timothy Shanahan

An overview of the newly released issue of The Missouri Reader: Includes articles by Laura Robb & Timothy Shanahan

A blog entry by Dr. Sam Bommarito

As promised, the newest issue of The Missouri Reader is out. In this newest edition, several literacy folks give different points of view about the dialogue around the issues of teaching early reading.

As some of you may already know, I am the Co-Editor of this journal along with Glenda Nugent. The Missouri Reader has been around for over 45 years. It started as a “paper journal.”  Now we publish digitally. We have two issues each year. We are peer-reviewed, and our editorial board has many highly qualified people (see the journal’s sidebar on the Table of Contents page). We publish many articles by well-known experts in the reading field. However, we also encourage teachers to publish, especially action research, book reviews, and app reviews. The last page of each issue explains how to submit an article for review. We are an official publication of the Missouri Literacy AssociationMissouri Literacy Association is an ILA affiliate. The journal runs on the JOOMAG ™ platform.  No special software is needed. Anyone with the link below can read the current issue for free.

I want to also call your attention to another issue for you to explore. It is a poetry issue that was published in 2019. It is our most-read issue of all time (however, I am hoping that this current issue may claim that honor soon). The poetry issue contains TONS of innovative ideas about how to use poetry in the classroom. It was the brainchild of Missouri’s own David Harrison. He approached Glenda Nugent (my Co-Editor) and I about the idea of a special issue dedicated especially to poetry. We are so glad he did. Here is the link to that issue. Feel free to share it with other interested educators.

Current members of MLA are sent an email giving them early access to the journal. Once members have had their early access, we then distribute The Missouri Reader to the general public using what we call the “word of cyberspace.” We ask our readers to share the links to the magazine with other readers. As a result, we are now read all around the world. So, if you like what you see in one or both issues, please share the links. They’re both free. University professors, feel free to share the links with your classes if you like.  THANKS!

You can help support The Missouri Reader by joining the Missouri Literacy Association- membership is open to all. Or you can donate to help fund the costs associated with publishing this well-respected journal. Here is a link where you can join or donate:

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Dr. Sam Bommarito (Co-Editor of a peer-reviewed teacher’s journal)

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