Artfully Teaching the Science of Reading by Chase Young, David Paige and Timothy V. Rasinski:  An interview conducted by Dr. Sam Bommarito

Artfully Teaching the Science of Reading by Chase Young, David Paige and Timothy V. Rasinski:  An interview conducted by Dr. Sam Bommarito

This week I had an amazing moment in my professional career. I was able to interview three giants from the literacy world. Each is a well-credentialed, well-known researcher in the field of literacy. All of them have served in multiple important positions. It was an honor to be talking to such a distinguished group. Here is a brief biography of each author taken from the back of their newest book.

The interview was about the new book they have just published. The title of the book is Artfully Teaching the Science of Reading. Here is a link to the bookLINK.

The book has been well received in the literacy world. Several of my friends and colleagues have reported that they have already adopted this book as the primary resource for the reading courses they teach. That is not surprising. Not only is it thorough in its scope and sequence, but it also cuts through the complexity of the literacy world and presents that world in understandable terms. As I said during the interview, as a teacher, I find the book has many “ideas teachers can use on Monday.” That fact is especially important to the many teachers who follow this blog.

I think you will find the interview lively and far-reaching. A time-stamped chart of talking points from the interview can be found below. A link to the video interview then follows. 

More about the Authors

Link to Chase’s Website LINK

Be sure to check out the Downloads and Professional Development tabs. Lots of great information Chase’s Twitter handle is @ChaseJYoung1.

Also, check out his YouTube channel (Young Tube) link on the website. It contains many useful videos of children and their work in the classroom.

Link to Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic (David is the director) LINK

Check out the YouTube video and the resources for parents, educators, and libraries. Also, check out David’s publications on Research Gate LINK. David’s Twitter handle is @DavidDPaige.

Link to Tim’s Website: LINK  

Be sure to check out the resources section- it includes commercial resources, e.g., The Megabook of Fluency. He also provides a lot of free educational material to download.

Follow Tim on Twitter- @TimRasinski1- Tim provides free samples of his various commercial materials every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These posts have become immensely popular on Twitter!


Dr. Sam’s Next Blog Entry

As I mentioned last week, I had a long and productive conversation with Eric Litwin. He is an amazing author of children’s books (think Pete the Cat) and an expert in literacy for the youngest child. He is also the author of the book The Power of Joyful Reading. I hope to talk to him soon about his upcoming appearance at The Conference on the Young Years (CYY). The conference will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.  It is sponsored by DESE (Missouri Department of Education). The conference will be held March 9 – 11, 2023, at the Tan-Tar-A Conference Center in Osage Beach, Missouri.  Osage Beach is centrally located and easily assessable to folks from around the country. Here is a link to information about the conference LINK.

Also- I am the past president and a current board member of the Missouri Literacy Association. MLA is sponsoring a FREE online professional development event on 9/29/22 featuring Molly Ness. Her topic is Building Comprehension Through Think-Alouds. Here is a link to the MLA website where you can register for the event. LINK. So- until next week,

Happy Reading and Writing!

Dr. Sam Bommarito, aka the centrist who, uses ideas from all sides to inform his teaching

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