Dr. Sam Bommarito interviews Dr. Paul Thomas about what policymakers should know about the Science of Reading.  

Dr. Sam Bommarito interviews Dr. Paul Thomas about what policymakers should know about the Science of Reading.  

Last year Paul Thomas was a featured speaker at LitCon. He spoke on the topic SOR- It’s not settled, and it’s not simple. I interviewed him about that LINK.  This year he is again a LitCon featured speaker. He is building on last year’s topic. He will discuss what policymakers should know about the Science of Reading. I predict Paul’s new session will be clear, compelling, and backed up by an extensive research review. It will be one of the “must-see” events at LitCon.  Before talking about the current interview, let’s learn a little bit about Paul:

Now it is time to have a look at the interview. Here are the topics we discussed. They are time stamped.

Here is the YouTube interview:

  • Paul has a new edition of his book. Here is a LINK.
  • Link to LitCon 2023 conference. LINK
  • Link to Paul’s blog post How to Navigate Social Media Debates about the “Science of Reading” LINK

Note: This blog post allows you to download a very useful PDF on this topic

  • Link to my blog defending Reading Recovery, including data that shows RR works. LINK

Dr. Sam’s Blogs for the Start of the new School year– As the new school year begins, I am continuing to arrange for additional interviews with authors of some of the many professional books that have been published lately. Next week I’m interviewing Kate Gladstone about her new book, READ CURSIVE FAST.

As indicated last week, in addition to these interviews, I will post a blog about my plans for my push-ins this fall at the school where I serve as a pro bono reading consultant in grades K-3. I’ll be teaching two full days a week, doing large group, small group, and individual sessions. I hope that talking about what I’ll be doing will allow readers to see how I adapt my instruction to the many ideas I’ve gotten from my lifelong search for common ground and common sense. After that, I arranged for an interview with the mom of the student I worked with this summer. She is a speech & language teacher. We will explore how the two of us together were able to help her daughter, who is now going into 4th grade, overcome her problem of word guessing. So, as we begin the new school year, I hope this blog will provide you with a great deal of interesting and useful information.  Hope everyone has a great start to their new school year!

Happy Reading and Writing.

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