Extra Extra- Notes on Paul Thomas’s Presentation- Some Fact Checks around the Science of Reading

Taken from a friend’s notes about what Paul had to say on this subject:

Generalizations are very dangerous in education. Very few of us teach students and a danger of one area of “science” is that they don’t allow for outliers.

Just a few of the many references he recommended:

Paul Thomas: Fact-Checking The Science of Reading


Policy Statement on The Science of Reading


Reading as comprehension and engagement: On the limitations of decoding


Red Flags, Red Herrings and Common Ground: An Expert Study in Response to State Reading


Closing words: Silence is not an option

My blog interview of Paul- Includes links to his site (click on the box with the interview to go to the interview). Remember that both Paul and I will be presenting at LitCon. We each have our own session and we are also doing a joint session. Hope to see you there! Dr. Sam

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