Dr. B is presenting to beginning teachers in St. Louis today- 1 announcement & then taking a buy week with the blog By Dr. Sam Bommarito

Today I am doing a session for beginning teachers in St. Louis. Will share the contents in a future blog. Next week I have an interview with Tim Rasinski and Lori Oczkus (WOW!). It’s already recorded and I promise you you’ll want to hear what they have to say.  I’m repeating my “early” announcment about Village of Mom’s. See below. Their store is still open!


I wrote a blog about the Village of Mom’ parent group. I posted that blog last month LINK. The Village of Moms have been having a special promotional event selling t-shirts. They are also accepting donations through a go fund me page to help support their many literacy activities around the St. Louis Region.  The last day for the store for those T-shirts is Thursday November. 4th. I bought one.  Hope you would consider buying one or making a donation. Here is the information about the store:

Here is the link to the store, donation site, and Facebook page. Thanks for considering this!

Link to Village of Mom’s Store- LINK  (EXTENDED THROUGH MONDAY NOV 8th)

Link to Village of Mom’s Go Fund Me Page- LINK

Link to Village of Mom’s Facebook Page LINK

 The store is now close- please do consider a donation through go-fund-me and be sure to visit the facebook page. 

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