9/11: In Memoriam by Dr Sam Bommarito

9/11: In Memoriam by Dr Sam Bommarito

In place of my usual Saturday morning literacy blog, I thought it would be appropriate to say something about the 20th anniversary of 9/11

In 2001, I was teaching a Title 1 class, when one of my fellow teachers came and asked- Sam- have you heard? Like many who were alive at the time of this tragic event, that moment is etched in my mind forever. The very next year I went to New York in order to study writer’s workshop. I was able to visit the World Trade Center site. It was not yet cleared. Beams from the site had been placed as makeshift memorials. Another moment etched in my memory.

I count several first responders among my friends. They, of course, were deeply moved by this tragedy.  I count some New Yorkers among my friends and relatives as well. Of course,  New York wasn’t the only place where people suffered. Today is a good day to talk about heroes: folks who run toward danger when others are running away, folks who are willing to give their own lives to save others. There were such folks back on that day. There are such folks right down to today. Today is a good day to honor those folks with your thoughts, prayers, or reflections. Today is a good day to remember the heroes of 9/11 and all the other heroes who have given us so much.

Dr. Sam Bommarito

2 thoughts on “9/11: In Memoriam by Dr Sam Bommarito

  1. Elise

    There were so many heroes that day. There are not enough words to begin to thank them. I do believe their heroic acts of bravery, compassion and caring inspire us today to do the same. Their giving spirits truly live on in each of us with each act of bravery, compassion and caring that we give to our friends, family, community, country and world.
    Let’s emulate them and leave things a little bit better than when we arrived.
    Thank you all for reminding us that every day is a gift and that the way we treat each other can change lives.


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