More About Dr. Tim Rasinski and the Art and Science of Reading by Dr. Sam Bommarito

More about Rasinski and the Art and Science of Reading by Dr. Sam Bommarito

The response to last week’s interview of Dr. Tim Rasinski was overwhelming. Almost 1,200 views during the week and many positive comments. This week I have a birthday coming up (the day after Valentine’s Day) and I plan to spend time with my family. I am also doing a fundraiser for St. Louis Black Authors on my Facebook page as part of my birthday celebration.

I thought this would be a good time to repost links to my “best of Rasinski” blogs. I include the one where he came to St. Louis and his views about the Art and Science of reading. There are lots of additional insights into his ideas in that post.

Enjoy the reposts! In the coming weeks I will continue to talk to literacy leaders from many different positions and I will be doing a post about The Sciences of Reading (and yes the “s” belongs in there!). Until then Happy Reading and Writing!

An earlier interview with Tim when he came to St. Louis

What Tim had to say when he came to look at what we were doing at my school:

Activities I do based on the work of Rasinski and Mellissa Cheesman Smith:

My first post about Tim his work made when he came to present to our local ILA group in St. Louis:

Go to to register for the final FREE session of Tim’s Webinar on Feb 23!

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