A St. Louis Area Literacy Leader Talks About His Amazing Work in Promoting Literacy. By Dr. Sam Bommarito

Julius Anthony Interview: A St. Louis Area Literacy Leader Talks About His Amazing Work in Promoting Literacy.  By Dr. Sam Bommarito

Last week, on the day before the sad events at our nation’s Capital unfolded, I had the privilege of talking to Julius Anthony. Julius is doing amazing things in the St. Louis Region (and beyond!).  I think it is important that when we have so many things that cause us concern, we take the time to look at what’s right. Julius’ literacy endeavors are indeed an example of what’s right and an inspiration for the future. As you listen to the interview, here is what you will find (use the timestamps to skip to particular topics):

0.00  Julius explains his background in education, which includes extensive work as both a teacher and administer in urban areas. He is president of both the St. Louis Black Authors and the St. Louis Regional Literacy Association, an ILA Affiliate.

1.36 Julius talks about his Believe project. The project has established many sites throughout the St. Louis Region, where students can read rich and varied collections of books by black authors. Many of these books are by local authors who visit these sites from time to time. The sites are designed to be comfortable and even include murals by local artists. One of them is located in the Ferguson Community Center.

5.58 Julius talks about his PBS episodes, a series of local shows that caused one local celebrity to call him the “Hip Hop Fred Rogers.” A link to these shows is provided below.

10.06 Julius talks about his literacy efforts in the St. Louis Region and his work to facilitate cooperation and support among the many groups in St. Louis trying to improve literacy within the regions. Included is a brief mention of his newest partnership with the St. Louis City Public Schools.

15.40  Conclusion. Julius wraps things up and summarizes his views about his literacy work and why he does what he does.

Here is a link to the interview:

Here are links to some sites mention in the interview:

St. Louis Black Authors Webpage:


Julius’ local PBS Children’s Show:


In the coming weeks, I’ll be interviewing other literacy leaders, including folks from   St. Louis Turn The Page and two educators from Australia who will be talking about what literacy instruction looks like down under. Until next week- Happy Reading and Writing!

Dr. Sam Bommarito, aka a believer in Julius’ project

Copyright 2021 by Dr. Sam Bommarito. Views/interpretations expressed here are solely the author’s view and do not necessarily reflect any other person or organization’s views.

The Believe project and its works are copyrighted by Julius Anthony

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4 thoughts on “A St. Louis Area Literacy Leader Talks About His Amazing Work in Promoting Literacy. By Dr. Sam Bommarito

    1. doctorsam7 Post author

      It takes the whole village and the village in St. Louis (and beyond) includes many great folks who promote literacy- yourself included!

  1. Betty Porter Walls

    Sam and Julius, the interview was fantastic. You are both talented and committed literacy leaders.

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